The Silent Revolution

Crash bam clang boom clang smackā€¦ was the reluctant sound erupting from the house? Each noise as that of an untuned string being plucked at will. The sight of this little lump of a house would deceive you into thinking that the people who lived there lived quite a sombre living. The fact was far from it. Inside this clod of insignificance, something quite momentous was happening, a revolution of sorts.

Tring the school bell clanged. Perfect white uniforms flooded the hallways. A rushing overwhelming noise of children stampeding for freedom. Then silence!


A letter from exile

Dear John Martin

Years have passed since these events took place and I hope to bestow a form of thankfulness towards you. I was quite young around the whole Y2K sensation, I think you found some form of pleasure from the whole world is worried about the clocks not turning to zero. In this letter, I am writing about the lessons I learnt from my encounters with you. I hope in return you will see the victories that I have achieved in spite of your presence in my life. My hope is that this letter containing details about my personal exile will free others from this kind of exile, social exile.