Ralph Breaks the Internet: Fun but fickle


Genre: Animation
Runtime: 112 min
Main Cast: John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Gal Gadot, Taraji P. Henson
Directors: Phil Johnston, Rich Moore


Our big-fisted, warm-hearted villain is back. Ralph and Venelope go to the internet to find a replacement part for Venelope’s broken game. The discovery of the internet hits both, Ralph and Venelope, in very different ways.


© 2018 - Walt Disney Studios

I enjoyed the story and most kids will find it very entertaining. Kids will miss most of the elements that make the movie memorable. The movie takes a stab at mocking some of the most baneful things on the internet.

I found the storyline a bit slow and the comedy average. It lacked the originality of the first instalment and ended up feeling like a better-executed Emoji Movie.

© 2018 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

The lesson at the end of the movie makes it worth the watch. Kids will thoroughly enjoy it, but parents will only be willing to sit through it once. It feels like there should be more to this movie, and this review, but unfortunately there isn’t.

A Star Is Born: The talent at centre stage


Genre: Musical Romance
Runtime: 135 min
Main Cast: Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga
Director: Bradley Cooper


Ally, a struggling songwriter, who makes ends meet by working as a waiter, encounters seasoned musician, Jackson Maine, at a drag bar. So doing, she launches her music career and meets the love of her life.  A tale unfolds of love that surpasses all understanding.



In an interview director, Bradley Cooper, who also plays Jackson Maine, said he wanted to bring more of a family element into the movie, and he does that with great success. His portrayal of the fragile but loving Jackson Maine is as on point as his vocal ability!

Lady Gaga, who plays Ally, creates a character who you can root for throughout the movie. Which is immensely difficult given the centre stage the character’s talent takes. Her ability to radiate the vulnerability and insecurities artists suffer is truly moving.


The story will have you hooked from beginning to end and each musical number reminds us how powerful music can be when fuelled by love. The music used in the movie is bound to win awards; each song is not only a soundtrack to the movie but rather a catalyst to the story.

The movie comments on selling out in the music industry and how in the industry, and life, often looks and sell-ability outshine true expression and talent.

 All in all a great movie filled with real characters who all experience real pain.

Some songs from the movie

First Man: Thorough but Slow


Genre: Historical Drama
Runtime: 142 min
Main Cast: Ryan Gosling, Claire Foy, and Jason Clark
Director: Damien Chazelle


First Man is a Historical Drama following Niel Armstrong’s journey to become the first man on the moon. Starting before the tragic death of his daughter, we follow Armstong’s rise from non-military pilot to first man on the moon .


Photo by Daniel McFadden - © 2018 Universal Studios and Storyteller Distribution Co. LLC

Throughout the movie a glimpse of a highly detailed and task orientated Armstrong (Ryan Gosling). Who, after one day of burying his daughter returns to work. Deeply haunted by the death of his daughter he pushes forward and joins Project Gemini which later leads to sending him to the moon.

Janet Armstrong (Claire Foy) is the picture of the perfect nuclear wife on the outside. “I married Niel because I wanted a normal life” she utters to one of the other wives but is not scared to stand up for what she wants when she wants it.

© 2018 Universal Studios

First Man does one thing very right it captures the total effect of the race to space the death, the exorbitant expenditure, and the never quit nature of being human. The loss felt by Armstrong and his task orientated coping mechanism emphasises how quickly we forget the cost of achieving greatness when the greatness is achieved.

The visual of the movie is stunning and the sound really captures the feels of heading into space. Both Gosling and Foy deliver extraordinary performances highlighting the very complex emotions of their characters.

The one lacking element is pace, by the end of the movie I was frustrated that the moon landing took so long to take place. It lacks the momentum and the pace might lose viewers along the way.